Weekend box-office: ‘Twas the weekend before Super Bowl…and ‘The Messengers’ tops

‘Twas the weekend before Super Bowl and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring, especially the spouse.

The popcorn was popping, the snacks all laid out, the TV turned on – soon the cheers of heads knocking to ring through the house.

But where were the children – they were not in their beds – probably off to the movies, football not in their heads.

Horror or chick flick, movie spoof or laffer – lots of choices at the box-office, Super Bowl no one care ‘fer.

Sony’s Messengers tops – $14.5 million in sales. The chick flick starring Keaton takes $13 mil but here you’ll find no males.

Epic movie drops, third now its place – $8.2 mil take – $29.4 mil cume still gives movie some face.

Fox is still in it, after seven weeks at the Museum, a Stiller pic at $225.4 mil after seven weeks seems movie will not quit.

Enough of the rhymin’, Super bowl last quarter, gotta see who’s gonna win. Sure wasn’t Smokin’ Aces in fifth place its in –$6.3 million box-office is rather thin.

Will next week be any better, gotta tune in to see – but I don’t think so – just between you and me.

(Movie editor apologizes for bad rhyming – hard to write copy , stuff my mouth with snacks and watch Super Bowl at the same time)

1. The Messengers (Sony / Screen Gems)
   $14.5 million | 2,528 | $14.5 million | 1

2. Because I Said So (Universal)
   $13.0 million | 2,526 | $13.0 million | 1

3. Epic Movie (Fox)
   $8.2 million | 2,840 | $29.4 million | 2

4. Night at the Museum (Fox)
   $6.8 million | 3,003 | $225.4 million | 7

5. Smokin’ Aces (Universal)
   $6.3 million | 2,219 | $25.0 million | 2

Chart courtesy Box Office Mojo

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