“We the People” and “Countdown to Extinction” VICE on HBO, March 20 VIDEOS


Isobel Yeung joins Vezo fishermen on boat in the Mozambique Channel. Photo by Jackson Fager and Jake Burghart.


TV Picks: Time to crap your pants and add China AGAIN to the list of planet evildoers who are decimating the oceans. HBO’s VICE will reveal some horrific truths about overfishing and guns in America this Friday night.

HBO / VICE S3E3 “We The People”/”Countdown To Extinction”

VICE is airing Friday, March 20 at 11PM on HBO.

“We the People” – A recent study funded by the Department of Homeland Security listed domestic right-wing groups as two of the top three greatest terrorist threats in America. After the election of President Obama, the number of these groups skyrocketed by over 800 percent. VICE sent host Gianna Toboni to investigate these so-called patriots, training and taking up arms along the border.


Patriot group member Reuben poses with his weapon. Photo by Matt Nauser.


VICE 303 “We The People” Clip

“Countdown to Extinction” – During the last six decades, the boom of industrial fishing has nearly wiped out the top level of the marine food chain, depleting about 90 percent of the world’s large predatory fish. While big fishing operations continue to prosper as they go deeper into the ocean, small-scale coastal fishermen must seek out new fishing practices to survive. VICE sent correspondent Isobel Yeung to the Mozambique Channel and the Gulf of Mexico to get an idea of how much we’ve overfished our oceans, and what we can now do to reverse that trend.

VICE 303 “Countdown to Extinction” Clip

VICE 303 “Countdown to Extinction” Clip 2