We Have Portlandia-itis! Series Returns Jan. 8, New Clip With Ed Begley Jr.

We got the “itis”!

The best city in the USA is back on IFC with comedy curators Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.  Portlandia is back for a fifth season with all-new adventures that delve deeper into the lives of the characters we’ve grown to know and love.

Armisen was recently featured tooling around Portland with Jerry Seinfeld for his webseries.

Guest stars this season include Seth Meyers, Justin Long, Paul Reubens, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde and more.


Not feeling so hot? Worried you’ll come down with something before the holidays kick into high gear? Get to the bottom of your ailments— Portlandia style! Convinced something is wrong, Brendan (Fred Armisen) and Michelle (Carrie Brownstein) seek out a diagnosis from an M.D. (Ed Begley Jr.), a nutritionist and even an herbalist for their unexplainable ailments:


The new season of Portlandia premieres Thursday, January 8 at 10:00PM ET/PT on IFC.

For continued updates on Portlandia please check out:

Facebook: facebook.com/portlandia

Twitter: @portlandia, #portlandia

Online: http://www.ifc.com/shows/portlandia

To see more of this clip and Portlandia taking on the health of its residents in its third episode, tune in on Thursday, January 22.


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