Watchmensch…new graphic novel release

According to the PR release:

“A new graphic novel that parodies a certain recent blockbuster movie and
legendary literary graphic novel masterpiece is released this week.

Written by London-based comics industry gossip columnist Rich Johnston, drawn by
Swedish artist Simon Rohrmuller and published by American publisher Brain Scan
Comics, “Watchmensch” seeks to compare and contrast the legal wranglings and
controversies created by the recent Watchmen movie with the comics industry as a
whole, from the creation of Superman in the 1930s through to the present day.”

Published by Brain Scan Studios, the product description notes:

“After one of them is murdered, a team of lawyers who have had dealings with the comics industry must band together again against a conspiracy. But who is trying to kill Nite Nurse, Spottyman, Silk, 1700 Broadway Manhattan and Ozzyosbourne? And what is the cloned creature about to be dropped on New York City?

From the writer of Civil Wardrobe and Lying In The Gutters comes this nine-panel-grid parody of comics, the comics industry, the movies they spawn and the creators that get trampled on. Oy vey.”

More info can be found on Amazon, as well as