Warner Home Video gives movie fans a chance to trade HD-DVD for Blu-ray

Warner Home Video (WHV) has announced two new programs aimed at helping movie fans get their hands on more of the studio’s film on Blu-ray.

“Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free,” is the studio’s first-ever Blu-ray Disc customer loyalty program, and “Red2Blu” will give HD-DVD owners the chance to upgrade their Warner Home Video releases on HD-DVD for a Blu-ray Disc of the same movie.

“Red2Blu” allows HD-DVD title owners to upgrade to Blu-ray by visiting Red2Blu.com. The site offers consumers the ability to trade up virtually any of their WHV HD-DVD titles (up to 25) for the same title on Blu-ray for a small fee plus shipping and handling. For details and restrictions, visit Red2Blu.com.  “Red2Blu” is available to residents of the United States only. 

“Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free” program offers movie fans a free Blu-ray movie for every five participating titles purchased through April 6, 2010 (shipping and handling not included), and is open to residents in the United States and Canada.

To join “Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free,” visit Warnerblu.com/rewards and register. After joining, members earn one credit for each subsequent WHV Blu-ray title they purchase. Once their Blu-ray title is registered, their Warnerblu account is credited, and when they reach five Blu-ray titles, they will be able to select a free WHV Blu-ray Disc (plus shipping and handling).
The first participating Blu-ray release is Yes Man, released on April 7.  For details and restrictions and a list of upcoming participating WHV titles, visit WarnerBlu.com/rewards.
Also, to promote the launch of “Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free,” WHV is launching the “Blu-ray Today” sweepstakes, featuring a grand prize of $5,000. Once they enter the sweepstakes, customers can return to the web site every day for additional entries (one per day). The “Blu-ray Today” sweepstakes runs now through April 6, 2010 on WarnerBlu.com.
To register for “Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free,” to take advantage of “Red2Blu,” and for more information on the sweepstakes, visit Warnerblu.com/rewards or Red2Blu.com.

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