Wahlberg Wedding Drama: Mark a No Show for Jenny And Donnie’s Wedding

Jenny McCarthy - Jenny McCarthy Hosts the Ultimate Pool Party at Azure Luxury Pool in Las Vegas on July 11, 2014 - Azure Luxury Pool at the Palazzo Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, NV, USA  Photo copyright by PRN / PRPhotos.com

Jenny McCarthy – Photo copyright by PRN / PRPhotos.com

If you believe the sources TMZ is citing in their coverage of Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg’s wedding coverage, Markie-Mark and his wife Rhea won’t be closey-close with the new couple.

Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy’s wedding was trumped by an 11 year-old’s birthday party, even though the actual date of the birthday is next week according to TMZ.

The reason is that sources claim Mark and his wife are not “fan” of McCarthy, which is bizarre because McCarthy seems like she would fit right into that clan. Wahlberg did express good wishes via Twitter:

tweet mar

TMZ writes:

According to multiple Wahlberg sources, Mark is not as close with Donnie and Jenny as Jenny has made it seem. Or at least, not with Jenny. We’re told Mark’s wife Rhea did not like a recent interview Jenny gave with Howard Stern where she talked about her relationship with Mark.

Brother Bobby and their airplane averse mother will not be there either for the nearby wedding in New York City, about a three hour car ride from Boston.

Mark’s publicist told TMZ that his daughter Ella’s birthday party was today and it was a conflict.

See the Howard Stern-Jenny McCarthy interview TMZ posted here: