Viva Media picks up ‘The Whispered World’ for North American release

Viva Media has announced today they have signed a North American publishing deal for The Whispered World with Daedalic Entertainment.

Viva Media CEO Carlo Voelker commented, “We are excited to bring this masterpiece of a fantasy adventure to the North American market and to the digital world.”

Carsten Fichtelmann, Managing Director of Daedalic, added: “With so many gamers and adventure fans worldwide impatiently awaiting the release of The Whispered World, we are very happy to be working with Viva Media to bring this multi-award-winning game to stores analog and digital in North America.”

The Whispered World is slated to launch in North America on April 26, 2010.

Game synopsis: Sadwick is a young clown but often far from cheerful. One night, a strange blue creature speaks to him in a dream, and sends him on an adventurous journey. Many dangers await Sadwick, for the world he knows is doomed to crumble and fall.

The Whispered World is a point & click adventure game in which gamers steer Sadwick and his companion Spot through the game. Spot never leaves Sadwick’s side and is integral to solving many puzzles. He can take on many different forms throughout the game, which the player can pick and choose at will, once they have been learned.

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