Vintage Shopping With Iggy Azalea, MTV’s ‘House of Style’ VIDEO

Iggy Azalea - B96 Pepsi Summerbash 2014 - Toyota Park - Bridgeview, IL, USA  Photo copyright by Daniel Locke / PR Photos

Iggy Azalea – Photo copyright by Daniel Locke / PR Photos

TV Picks: Iggy Azalea and Jeremy Scott go Vintage Shopping in ‘House Of Style’ Season Premiere

Heads up that episode 1 of MTV’s ‘House of Style’ is now live, featuring host Iggy Azalea and Moschino designer and reigning creative director, Jeremy Scott. For the brand new episode of MTV’s House of Style, the recent Hot 100-topping star went on a shopping spree with Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott around Los Angeles. The pair gave an up-close look at their fashion inspirations and items they’re always looking for on the racks.

The duo check out L.A. stores like Resurrection and Catwalk  for classic vintage style. Iggy digs Madonna’s 80s cone bra look and her Cruella de Vil moody look.


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