Vinnie Jones goes to Russia, with love (VIDEOS)

Vinnie Jones is one of the better tough guy British imports to the USA, making a splash in the two Guy Ritchie movies, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.”

He also was a welcome character in the canceled NBC superhero sendup, “The Cape,” a series we thought was great fun and canceled too soon.

However his extramarital shenanigans have made the headlines in Russia, where their version of TMZ has captured the former footballer hot and heavy kissing a woman named Lama, and then photographed with a former Miss Russia.

His wife Tanya Jones has returned to Los Angeles. The couple have known each other since grade school in England. They have two children.

The Dail Mail has all the photos of Vinnie Jones has been pictured close to another Russian beauty, just days after photos surfaced of him kissing another Russian beauty.

Miss Russia Alisa Krylova and Vinnie are seen arm in arm, footage that aired on Moscow TV.  The report says, ‘Having promised Alisa a role in his next movie. Vinnie spent all evening with her.’

Vinnie, 47, is heard telling Russian TV station Channel One: ‘When you get a chance to flirt with a beautiful blonde, it’s like a hobby. In the new film we need a goddess – a Russian Angelina Jolie.’

Vinnie’s wife Tanya was photographed by paparazi at LAX trying to return to her children.

The video of her husband kissing Russian singer Lama Safonova reveals a deeply passionate kiss. Yet his spokesperson denies there is anything there, telling MailOnline: ‘Completely untrue. He met her two weeks ago when filming a documentary. Vinnie has never been to Russia prior to this.’

The actor is still in Russia filming a documentary.

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