Viggo Mortensen: ‘Time to talk about real issues’

Star of last year’s brilliant film “Eastern Promises” and this year’s recently released “Appaloosa,” David Cronenberg muse and friend Viggo Mortensen has been a vocal anti-war proponent, and supported Democrat Dennis Kucinich during the primaries.

Now during the premiere and press junkets for the new film directed by Ed Harris, Mortensen is not reticent about expressing his feelings towards the media-hyped vice presidential running mate of Sen. John McCain. 

“It’s the policy of the past eight years in particular of stealing from the poor and giving to the rich,” Viggo told reporter Ted Casablanca of E! at the Los Angeles premiere of “Appaloosa.”  “It’s come to the inevitable conclusion…the failure of the economic institutions.”

Viggo continued. “Not only do I think it could get better, I think the crisis economically that we’re in now really affects everyone, especially the people who don’t have much. I think it’s gonna force the presidential candidates and the candidates for Congress to talk about real things, not about Sarah Palin 24 hours a day. It think they’re gonna have to go back to talking about real issues, so that’s a positive aspect.”

“There’s only one real choice, Barack Obama, if you’re realistic about the issues and the state of the nation.”

Viggo added:”The political stunts aside, with Sarah Palin and so forth, you’ve got to go with the person who’s speaking consistently about the issues.”

“Appaloosa”  (Director – Ed Harris)

“Eastern Promises” (Director – David Cronenberg)

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