Vietnam Veteran has no Forgiveness for Fonda

Jane Fonda’s memoir was released earlier this month

Michael Smith, a Vietnam veteran, has been arrested in the US after spitting at Jane Fonda.

Fonda was attending a book signing in Kansas to promote her new memoirs, My Life So Far, when Smith approached the star and spat tobacco juice directly into her face.

54-year-old Smith says he wanted revenge for Fonda’s high profile visits to Vietnam during the war, when she became known as Hanoi Jane.

My Life So Far recounts Fonda’s life and including her visits to Hanoi during the war, where she was photographed atop a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.

Although Fonda has apologized for that specific incident but many veterans have never forgiven her. Smith said he had no regrets and called Fonda a “traitor.” He told the local Kansas City Star that he considered the action “a debt of honor” going on to say that many veterans of the war would love to do what he had done.

Meanwhile Fonda issued a statement saying, “In spite of the incident, my experience in Kansas City was wonderful and I thank all the warm and supportive people, including so many veterans, who came to welcome me.”

Police say they have charged Smith with disorderly conduct and released him on bail.

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