Victoria gushes over ‘godlike’ Beckham prior to Paris spree

Timing is everything, especially when you embark on a killer shopping spree and foot the bill for your new American friend to join as your treat.  Posh spice tells press hubbie David Beckham is a God.

Victoria Beckham claims her Real Madrid footballer spouse is worshipped like a deity in Japan and there is a temple where his followers got to pray to him.

Victoria told Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “There is a temple there where the Japanese go to pray to a statue of David. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.”

David’s popularity in Japan has soared since he played in the 2002 World Cup, which was hosted in the Far Eastern country.  The Japanese are funny people.

During a promotional tour of the country in 2003 David and Victoria were mobbed everywhere.

On the island of Awajishima, in western Japan, a bronze statue of the footballer has been erected at the ground he and the England team trained at during the tournament.

Japan is not the only Far Eastern country that ‘worships’ David.

TheWat Pariwas Buddhist temple in Thailand houses a golden statue of the former Manchester United player, created in 1998, stands alongside statues of the Buddha – Siddhartha Gautama the historical founder of the spiritual philosophy.

As a new member of Real Madrid, David, 31, has increased the popularity of the Spanish club in the region and has made a killing in sales of merchandise.

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