Venice in Watercolour – Book Review

The glories of Venice have inspired painters for centuries, but not everyone can get there.  Joe Dowden has created a series of step by step projects which are ideal for competent artists. 

Tracings of five iconic Venetian scenes are provided – gondolas, the Rialto Bridge, Venetian skyline, and central Venice. These can be used several times to create different pictures.  Alongside the tracings are clear instructions showing how to paint the resultant drawings to create the best, and most realistic effect. 

For example he gives suggestions as to how to create sparkles on the water, or to paint foliage.  Layering, using masking materials, and building up the picture along with suggestions as to the most suitable color mixes results in pictures that capture the magic of Venice.

A good, practical book with clear instructions that can easily be followed by anyone possessing some knowledge and skill with watercolors.

Definitely worth considering if you want to try your hand at water scenes, or paint Venice without visiting it.

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