Valentine’s Day 2013 Best Bets: Modeets Jewelry, Meredith Piccin, Say Hello Diamonds

Unless you live under a rock or on Mars or in a fraternity house, you know that Valentine’s is coming in a few short weeks. 

And this year, instead of pretending it doesn’t exist or it’s just another day, I plan to soak in a day bursting with pink and red and roses and chocolates and all the other crap that I’m supposed to love specifically on February 15th just because some freaky chubby flying child is supposed to be shooting love-potioned arrows my way.  I promise, this year I won’t duck and cover.

Through my network of interns, assistants, deep cover moles and James Bond-like spies I uncovered some pretty cool affordable jewelry to bestow on your loved ones… even if your loved one is you, come on! The best presents are the ones we want to keep anyway!

One of my favorite shopping sites is  to get one of a kind and boutique designer brands for everything including funky jewelry.  Through them, I discovered I have a new love, Modeets Jewelry, particularly, the Pink Spunk Necklace.  (Spunk??  Yes, Spunk!! Ok then…). 


It is made up of nine nickel-sized triangle plastic pieces on a gold toned chain.  The triangles are in varying shades of pink and look lovely against any skin tone.  But what makes the necklace totally cool is that it is so ’60s retro. 

It is something that you would find in your Grandma’s jewelry box next to the enamel bird broach and an old wadded up piece of Kleenex.  As my friend says, it’s Nana Jewelry. 

Total statement piece and perfect as a Valentine’s pick me up.  And at $29.00 it’s a great gift if you are feeling very Joan Holloway-ish of “Mad Men”.

If you are looking for something a little less trendy and a little more classic then visit another fave site,  Seriously, who doesn’t like to say “hello” to diamonds?? 


They have everything you need for Valentine’s Day jewelry that will promise a night ending in sexy pillow talk…. Ummm… where was I? Oh yes, they have “love” pendant necklaces to pink circle rings to Hello Kitty dangling earrings and everything in between, and I mean everything, even a skull and dagger pendant that sparkles with diamonds for my girly pirate friends.

What I really love about Say Hello Diamonds is that their jewelry actually does look like real diamonds without having the VIP prices, which we all know is very intriguing in this brutal economy… but back to happier stuff, like diamonds!!  I wrapped the Alexandra necklace around my neck and felt very Great Gatsby’s Daisy…  it’s a vintage design that looks incredibly modern and chic and well within my budget.   

If your tastes run a little more BoHo Billy Jack meets Mad Max chic, then check out Meredith Piccin.  She is an off-beat jewelry designer who scours estate sales and second hand stores to find antique baubles and chains to re-use in her creations…  Meredith’s latest collection, the Modage Collection, is a blend of modern and vintage looks and everything is under $100. 


The collection includes bracelets and ringlets (rings that are attached to bracelets by chains, I can’t help but think Pat Benatar’s ‘Love Is A Battlefield’ whenever I see this piece) that are hand-stamped with hearts or cupid arrows.  You can find her designs at or at

Guest reporter Karen V. Stevens is a segment television producer, USC booster and media/pr consultant living in Los Angeles, California. You can follow her on Twitter

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