Valentine’s Day 2013 Best Bets: Massage Therapy Kits by Jill Miller

Monsters and Critics’ Valentine’s Day 2013 best gifts to consider include Jill Miller’s Massage Therapy Kit, perfect for couples to help each other manage pain, increase muscle and fascia flexibility and even improve the quality of your sex life!

Have we got your attention? Excellent.

This is quite possibly one of the most useful and needed gifts for a loved one, invented by Jill Miller, creator of Yoga Tune Up® and a part of fitness chain Equinox’s elite cadre of instructors who have created a curriculum for “Self Care” pain management certification.

Jill is all up in your fascia! The often misunderstood or completely ignored part of you is like soft scaffolding, holding you together, keeping your muscles attached and your organs in place. Fascia is overlooked in exercise and pain management and often times the culprit in our slow decline into decrepitude.

It doesn’t have to be this way and Jill is on a one-woman mission to educate fitness instructors and change the way you approach maintaining your health and wellness.  Her Yoga Tune Up® evolved out of a need to activate, awaken, and cultivate internal connections to the parts of her body that were not fully “participating” in poses or natural human movement.

Our bodies and specifically our muscles, fascia, nerves and soft tissue are an etched memory bank and a wealth of information. Our minds literally place memories deeply into our tissues that were painful or traumatic.

As we age we naturally slow down, and as each decade passes, our bad habits and carelessness with keeping our bodies tuned up further aggravates pain and this walled up emotion that resides in our spine and soft tissues.  If you have been living with physical or emotional scars in your core muscles, Jill’s balls and instructions on how to manipulate them will be one step further on the road to recovering the vitality of these tissues. Jill’s newest DVD, Coregeous, details embodied exercises to help you re-inhabit the layers of your core and redefine your abdominals from the inside out.


Jill Miller discovered all of this the hard way. A former bulimic, Miller learned through the practice of yoga and from some enlightened teachers a new way of intense pain management techniques, and how to deal with the root causes of pain. She created a line of therapy balls that her clients swear by.

Jill is a yoga and fitness therapy expert with more than 26 years of expertise including the moving arts of Yoga, Modern Dance, Pilates, Bodywork and Shiatsu. After many years of movement studies, she felt within her tissues that there were gaps of critical information missing from so many techniques.

She created her ground-breaking format, Yoga Tune Up® as a supportive modality for self-healing that links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, and pain management. Now you can benefit from her expertise in extremely affordable kits and DVDs that explain how to unlock and manage your pain easily.


The Massage Therapy Kit is affordable, under $45, and contains two Yoga Tune Up therapy balls, two DVDs with 11 expertly guided self-massage techniques that you can also use against the wall or on the floor with a partner to help for harder to reach muscle groups, a start up guide, and a snug grip tote for precision two ball toning (fabulous for spine and long leg muscle rolling).

Key techniques include Sustained Compression, resting still on the balls (the covering has a grippy sueded feel, nothing like a tennis ball) Stripping, where you roll the balls the same direction of the muscle fiber. Cross Fiber, where the balls are moved horizontally “cross” the muscle fiber. Pin & Stretch, where one ball is on a specific location, then you make precise moves while keeping the ball pinned in place to stretch and lengthen the targeted tissue. Last but not least is Skin Rolling, where the ball(s) are placed on the skin and the “twisted” using wither had ir body pressure and motion, which wrings out layers o skin and underlying fascia tissues.

Jill has been featured in Self, Prevention, Redbook, Yoga Journal, Women’s Running, Fit Yoga, The Today Show, and KABC; the Los Angeles Times calls her “kinetically arresting.” She is a “Contributing Expert” at www.GaiamLife. Her media library has helped more than 500,000 people to move consciously and live free of pain.




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