Valentine’s Day 2013 Best Bets: Made in USA Chilly Jilly brilliant wraps, pants and more

Monsters and Critics’ Valentine’s Day 2013 best gifts to consider include one of our favorite American made line of fashion accessories and loungewear, Chilly Jilly.

We adore these U.S.A.-made machine washable wraps and pants, the latter sporting a super soft Venezia fabric with a fold-over waistband and a flattering line, the wrinkle-free microfiber can take you from Costco, picking up the kids to looking pretty hot lounging about the house.

The Chilly Jilly Lounge Pants, $45, are available in black or brown. The Jilly Jacket comes in black or off-white. The Gloves come in black or brown with Leopard spots. Most of the other items come in white, off-white, black, brown, purple, red, navy, burnt orange, dark teal, cranberry, spring green, tie dyed grey, tie dyed blue, crinkle eggplant, crinkle black and crinkle coral.


The Pros: Flattering to wear. Easy to pack away and fold without creating creases, so no more worrying about having to iron. The fold over waistband lets you wear the lounge pants at your desired length. Belly camouflage!

Jill Boehler, designer and founder of Chilly Jilly, conceived this line of wraps, pants and jackets out of necessity.

She says, “One warm summer night, my husband and I joined some friends for dinner at a wonderful restaurant. The dinner, however, was not enjoyable because my friends and I were FREEZING in the air conditioned restaurant. When my husband took out his compact reading glasses I couldn’t help but wish there was a little wrap in that case that I could put over my shoulders. At that moment – Chilly Jilly was born.”

Her specifications were exacting. “I began designing with the wrap and there were a few things that I knew it had to be, it had to be lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and do the job of keeping the chill out. I wanted it to be small enough to be kept in a woman’s purse at all times so that it could come to the rescue at those unexpected times. I wanted it to be casual and dressy as well as attractive and affordable to most women.”


There were many Beta attempts at the first Chilly Jilly item before Jill hit on the right weight and blend of fabric. “As it turned out, meeting all those criteria was more difficult than I thought. Finding a fabric to provide warmth and fit in a small case seemed impossible. However, after a couple of years of searching and trials, we now have a product that meets them all and we love it.”

Wrapper blanket

Wrapper blanket


All of Chilly Jilly’s items come in a pretty drawstring bag that packs from purse to gym bag, suitcase to glove compartment.  You can select her Wrapper Blanket, Gloves, Oversized Elite Wrap (sizes 12-20), The Elite Wrap (sizes 0-14), The Jilly Jacket and the new Duelette.




New for the company is Jill’s Duelette, a fashionable bracelet that stretches out into a hair band to ensure that you’re ready for anything – wind, heat, humidity, a trip to the gym, even an impromptu dinner date.

Durable non fray bands are adjustable to any size and come in black or white.  Duelette is available in 14k gold or silver plated beads or a combination of the two and can be worn alone, together or in combination with other bracelets to create the perfect look for any occasion.

The classic wrap, the lounge pants or the new Duelette are fantastic gifts to consider and are under $50 (they won’t die like flowers or pack on pounds like chocolate)

BONUS Offer:  Receive 25% off all orders over $50 with code Save25


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