Valentine’s Day 2013 Best Bets: Happiness is a warm Pink Mace Gun!

Monsters and Critics’ Valentine’s Day 2013 best gifts to consider include most unusual pink gift for the ladies: A Mace Gun!

So, I was prowling on the internet looking for strange or unique Valentine’s gifts on, my new go-to online shopping site, and I discovered the absolute best out of the box, ‘what the hell were you thinking?’ gift for ferocious females to celebrate or ward off unrequested love: A hot pink mace gun!

Because nothing says I Love You better to gun loving Americans than a hot pink mace gun.  Let’s say that all together… Hot.  Pink.  Mace.  Gun.    

Four words that should never go together but now that they do, I can’t stop saying it!  I guarantee that you are cursing me while it’s repeating in a loop in your mind… hotpinkmacegun, hotpinkmacegun, hotpinkmacegun like when you go on It’s a Small World at Disneyland and you can’t get that song out of your head.

But I digress… The Hot Pink Mace Gun is the brainchild of MACE who have been manufacturing the defense spray since 1970.

This “piece” has a thumb lock safety and a trigger activated LED light to “target and distract attackers in complete darkness”… I have to think that a chick packing a hot pink mace gun will be distraction enough for most people, but then again I’ve never tried to attack a stranger on a dark street.   

The gun also has a distance of up to 20 feet so you don’t have to be within the danger zone of an attack to set this off.

Having never used a Mace gun, I was thrilled they included a canister filled with water to test it out since I couldn’t find any volunteers to be my attacker guinea pigs using the real pepper spray.  Yes, they are all wimps!   The gun was easy to use and matched my nail polish plus it’s relatively light weight and can easily fit in your purse or… your holster?

Seriously, this is a nifty gift idea for college students or single women or people who walk their dogs late at night.   

So, for the lady who has everything, get her a Hot Pink Mace Gun… I’m pretty sure she won’t have that in her closet!

The Mace gun also comes in white or black, but that isn’t nearly as cool as hot pink and costs $55.00 on (FYI, I saw it on other sites for up to $89.00)

Guest reporter Karen V. Stevens is a segment television producer, USC booster and media/pr consultant living in Los Angeles, California. You can follow her on Twitter

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