US Box Office: ‘Gravity’ Doesn’t Fall As It Impressively Tops Charts Again

“Gravity” built on it’s super opening weekend with a just as impressive second weekend. The George Clooney and Sandra Bullock starring thriller only dropped 20% to earn a further $44 million, surpassing the film’s $100 million budget in just 9 days.

As we said last week, the extremely positive buzz that has surrouned Alfonso Cuarón’s film would likely give the film staying power at the box office. That now seems to be the case.

The 10 day total of “Gravity” is an estimated $123,4 million. It will now likely go on to gross past $200 million at the US box office.

Opening strongly in second place was Paul Greengrass’ (The Bourne Ultimatum, United 93) latest thriller to be based on real events, “Captain Phillips.” The Tom Hank’s starrer took in $26 million, just under half of it’s $55 million estimated production budget.

Dropping one place to third was “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.” The animated comedy dropped 32% to bring in $14,2 million for a three week total of $78 million.

The biggest disapointment of the week came in the shape of Robert Rodriguez’ outregeous new all-star action movie, “Machete Kills.” Even the film’s cast which included Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Vanessa Hudgens and Lady Gaga could not save this film from having an absolute stinker.

“Machete Kills” took just $3,797 million over it’s opening 3 days, which placed it fourth. In comparison, the debut weekend of “Machete Kills” is well down on it’s predesscor “Machete” which opened to $11.4 million in 2010. At this rate, “Machete Kills” will struggle to reach that figure alone.

Check out the full estimated US box office top 10 for October 11th – October 13th, 2013 below;

1. Gravity – $44,265m/$123,400m

2. (NEW) Captain Phillips $26m/$26m

3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – $14,2m/$78,037m

4. (NEW) Machete Kills $3,797m/$3,797m

5. Runner Runner – $3,725m/$14,114m

6. Prisoners – $3,665m/$53,62m

7. Insidious Chapter 2 – $2,650m/$78,447m

8. Rush – $2,364m/$22,202m

9. Don Jon – $2,340m/$20,141m

10. Baggage Claim – $2,075m/$18,272m


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