US Army Maintains Innocence Over Harry Potter

A US army magazine cartoon whose characters look a lot like those from the Harry Potter books are being scrutinized by lawyers representing the author.

“Preventive Maintenance Monthly” (don’t all rush to buy a copy now) has a circulation of around 100,000 and is designed to teach soldiers how to maintain their military gear.

The strip in question features a boy wizard called Topper as well as a professor from Mogmart’s School whose name is Rumbledore. There are also teachers called Snappy and McDonagal.

What do you think…remind you of any characters?

These co-incidental names have led Rowling’s solicitors to investigate further, a spokesman for the author said: “It’s too early to say whether this case is really something to provide us with major concerns.”

Meantime the magazine editor denies any wrongdoing: “The drawings do not look like any of the characters from Harry Potter,” he told reporters.

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