Unleashed (Wolf Spring Chronicles) – Book Review

When Katelyn is suddenly orphaned, she finds herself uprooted from her comfortable life in Los Angeles to the remote town of Wolf Springs.  Her whole life has changed.  Now she lives with her grandfather and has to attend the local school.  Her plans to train as a trapeze circus artist are now on hold – such facilities are no longer available. 

After her initial despair, Katelyn finds life in Wolf Springs offers more than she expected.  There are mysteries too.  Who is Trick?  Why is she not allowed out of the house at night?  Wolves howl and people die.  It is a town full of secrets and she does not know who she can trust.  Just who are Cordelia Fenner and her brother? Why is Cordelia’s father so unwilling to allow Katelyn to visit her friend? 

Teenage dreams become highly charged, and Katelyn’s future turns into a potential nightmare.  A well written book, which keeps you turning the page.  You just want to know what happens next – which is always the mark of a good book.  It will definitely appeal to the teenage market, as well as anyone who likes wolves.