Universe at War: Earth Assault first 3rd-party cross-platform game

SEGA’s Universe at War: Earth Assault will be the first 3rd-party game to support cross-platform gaming between the Xbox 360 and PC.

Universe at War: Earth Assault is scheduled to ship for PC in North America and Europe this Winter 2007 and for the Xbox 360 in Q1 2008.

Universe at War: Earth Assault for the Xbox 360 will employ a control scheme built from the ground up to ensure smooth gameplay and ease of command for console gamers. To fully support fair and equal gameplay between PC and Xbox 360 gamers, developer Petroglyph is working to implement a balanced gaming environment and multiple modes for PC vs. Xbox 360 multiplayer games ensuring the best possible experience for gamers on both platforms.

Incorporating innovative multiplayer modes inspired by popular massively multiplayer online games and competitive online titles, Universe at War: Earth Assault for the PC and Xbox 360 will give players achievement points, rewards, and medals to encourage players to progress in the game. Players from around the world will battle in the persistent-style “Conquer the World” mode across the PC and Xbox 360 for ultimate faction supremacy in a virtual representation of Earth.

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