Unearthing the Real da Vinci

A workshop used by Leonardo da Vinci to examine cadavers has been discovered Italy.

Researchers say the find, which includes 500-year-old frescos, is part of the Santissima Annunziata convent in Florence, which used to let rooms to various artists.

One of the researchers who unearthed the workshop said at a press call: “It’s a bit absurd to think that, in 2005, we have found the studio of one of history’s greatest artists. But that is what has happened.”

“The proof is on the walls.”

A slideshow was then given showing various frescos’ which showed the walls decorated with paintings of birds, one of which strongly resembled a sketch from da Vinci’s “Atlantic Codex”, a 1,286-page collection of drawings and writings by the early scientist and artist.

The discovery has raised speculation that da Vinci may have met the rumored model for the Mona Lisa while staying here. Lisa Gherardini’s, who many believe is the subject of the famous painting, family had a chapel in the convent.

The researchers vowed to continue their work and prove beyond doubt that da Vinci used the room.