UK to take on Cliffy B in Gears of War

Like to play Gears of War online?

Do you live in Europe?

This weekend, European Xbox 360 owners will get rare opportunity to test out your chainsaw skills against the Epic Games team – including Mark Rein and Cliff Bleszinski – in a Gears of War developer showdown.

The event takes kicks off Saturday, 24 February, between 7-9pm GMT and would-be participants must own a copy of Gears of War and an Xbox Live Gold account.

Additionally you must download the Old Bones and Raven Down maps, both of which are available from Xbox Live Marketplace.

To que up to play, add the Gamer Tags below to your Friends List and wait for an invite, then you’re free to grenade tag everyone on the Epic team.

Of course, there’s a caveat – Rein and Bleszinski will be playing in most games, so don’t get your CoG armor in a bundle if you don’t get them in every game.  


Mark Rein, vice president: EPICEMEAMR

Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer: EPICEMEACB

Rod Fergusson, producer: EPICEMEARF

Lee Perry, lead level designer: EPICEMEALP

Jim Brown, level designer: EPICEMEAJB

Dave Nash, level designer: EPICEMEADN

Ray Davis, lead programmer: EPICEMEARD

Joe Graf, programmer: EPICEMEAJG

Rob McLaughlin, programmer: EPICEMEARM

Pete Hayes, artist: EPICEMEAPH

Additional Epic staff: EPICEMEA01, EPICEMEA02, EPICEMEA03, EPICEMEA04 and EPICEMEA05.


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