UK Premiere of You, Me and Dupree: Zipped lips, boobs and new face lifts (round up)

Kate Hudson was nowhere to be found for the UK Premiere of You, Me and Dupree.
Owen Wilson was there, but isn’t talking to anyone, either.   “She (Kate) does not want to fuel the problem. She feels that if she and Owen are in London on the red carpet together and she is photographed out partying with him, it will only add weight to the scurrilous reports linking them,” an unnamed source said.

At the premiere, Michael Douglas, sporting a taught, shiny new face, plays Hudson’s domineering father in the film, took the high road by saying he was in no position to comment on the alleged affair between her and Wilson. “I’ve been out of the country for a year, so I don’t know about that part at all. I just know that Kate has split up with her husband, which is very sad,” he said.

In a joint statement, Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson told People that “our reasons for separating have nothing to do with any third party” but the magazine continues to cite sources who claim otherwise, with an unnamed friend of Kate Hudson telling People, “(When Kate and Owen met) it was perfect timing. She was ripe for some real companionship and fun. They are comedians and have a naturally upbeat view of life, which Chris did not have. She’s a free spirit. And Owen is also a free bird.”

Meanwhile, Wilson got an eyeful when an English fan flashed her boobs for the Butterscotch Stallion. The 37-year-old actor turned bright red, joking, “Wow, I kinda lost my train of thought with that one” when he was flashed in between a TV interview.

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