U.K. press to Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham, ‘Please eat something’

According to reports filed by Liz Jones of the Daily Mail website, it is time for Mrs. David Beckham to put down the oversized Hermés Birken Bag, start to enjoy life and eat a sandwich.

In Beckham’s autobiography, Posh alludes to a possible close encounter with an eating disorder.  Despite current trends away from the “drive a truck between her thighs” look, Posh still teeters on stickly pegs.  Even Geri Halliwell has had eating disorder issues.  According to Jones, “the nasty, pernicious thing about anorexia and bulimia is that — as I, as a former anorexic, know, and Geri Halliwell knows — an eating disorder never really goes away; it remains a weakness that, in times of stress or unhappiness, we tend to fall back on.” 

Recent pictures have Posh watchers concerned.  To be a pop star in London, like the USA, fat cells of any visibility are verboten.  Nary a double digit size allowed.  This is the realm of the eternal size 2.

Jones’ heartfelt report recounts her own struggles with eating disorders, her husband’s infidelity as a trigger, and her sympathetic feelings for all the “under the microscope” women like Beckham. 

False hair extensions, lashes, nails, fake bake patina to the skin, and too much foundation cannot disguise poor health.  People who are aware of the impact of sub-standard nutrition know when you starve a body of nutrients, the hair, skin and nails start showing the abuse.  Breathe changes for the worse, and the eyes start to dull and yellow.  Your elimination functions derail.  The trade off for starving yourself is regrettable.  Even your hormone levels and female functions begin to die.

“Victoria is struggling to be the most beautiful footballer’s wife in the world, when she should be letting go, enjoying her money and her status (she, unlike so many of the WAGs, certainly earned hers in her own right), not worrying about carrying the right bag or posing in her Roberto Cavalli gown with one leg split to the thigh.” Elaborated Jones.

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