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Dakota Johnson, Alabama Shakes on SNL Full Rewind VIDEOS

From the Set: Dakota Johnson and Alabama Shakes

  TV Rewind: Last night brought 50 Shades of Dakota Johnson to Saturday Night Live as host, and Alabama Shakes as musical guest!Check out all the highlights below, including Dakota’s monologue (with cameos by Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson), a new take on Cinderella, an awkward 50 Shades press junket, Worf M.D., and more.Also, make sure to catch Alabama Shakes’ performances of “Don’t Wanna Fight” and “Gimme All Your Love” below. Enjoy your Sunday, and get ready for next week when Chris Hemsworth with host with musical guest Zac Brown Band!Saturday Night LiveGiuliani Cold OpenFormer Mayor Rudy Giuliani (Taran Killam) reflects on […]

USA’s ‘Sirens’ Let Pythons Be Pythons Episode VIDEO, PHOTOS

Sirens - Season 2

     TV Picks: USA’s ‘Sirens’ Let Pythons Be Pythons Episode VIDEO, PHOTOS“Sirens” is Denis Leary’s baby at USA, the story of three Chicago EMTs who are great at saving other people’s lives, but terrible at dealing with their own. Riding an ambulance in a city like Chicago is a tough gig, but best friends Johnny and Hank seem to have it figured out, even if they can’t figure out much else. With excitable new guy Brian in tow, they make their way from one crisis to the next, trying to keep level heads as they deal with life or death […]

Kelly Osbourne Leaves E! “Fashion Police”

Kelly Osbourne - "Beside Still Waters" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals  - Laemmle Music Hall Theatre - Beverly Hills, CA, USA  Photo is copyright by Jonathan  Shensa / PR Photos

Most fans of Fashion Police agree on one thing: When Joan Rivers died, the show lost its mojo.Kathy Griffin has her moments but the energy and magic chemistry of the show is gone. Perhaps the recent overblown drama over Zendaya’s dreadlocks and Giuliana Rancic’s remarks were just an excuse for Kelly Osbourne to exit the series.“Fashion Police” has lost their lavender haired host days after complaining about co-host Giuliana Rancic’s comments on Zendaya’s dreadlocks.E! Entertainment said Friday that Osbourne is leaving to pursue other opportunities.Meanwhile Kelly’s dad Ozzy had a Twar (Twitter war) with entertainment reporter Billy Bush over the […]

Josh Duhamel, Dean Winters On ‘Battle Creek’ Plus Rodrigo Santoro on Will Smith


TV Rewind: Josh Duhamel & Dean Winters Discuss ‘Battle Creek’ + Rodrigo Santoro on Will Smith – (2/27)Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters Talk ‘Battle Creek’Co-stars Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters discuss working together on the new CBS cop drama, “Battle Creek.” Winters says, “It has like a throwback feel to the 70’s…it is a buddy cop show where the guys aren’t buddies…the banter has been incredible, but Josh and I have gotten along famously…to the point where I beg him to bring his son to the set because when his son is there it just puts everything into perspective.”Josh Duhamel […]

LLAP: EPIX Pays Tribute To The Life of Leonard Nimoy All Weekend Long, Schedule


A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP – Leonard NimoyLearn more about the Star Trek legend in A Conversation With Leonard Nimoy.EPIX Pays Tribute To The Life of Leonard Nimoy All Weekend Long By Airing:A CONVERSATION WITH LEONARD NIMOY & STAR TREK INTO DARKNESSAiring on EPIX Friday, February 27th – Sunday, March 1stAs the entertainment industry and sci fi fans mourn the loss of prolific actor Leonard Nimoy, premium entertainment network EPIX honors his life by presenting:A Conversation with Leonard NimoyAIRING:Friday 2/27 – 11:00PM ETSaturday 2/28 – 5:40PM ET […]

Recap: Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Reid and Aviva Drescher Up To Bat


If last week was all about Speidi, this week’s “Marriage Boot Camp” on WEtv was all about Reid and Aviva Drescher. And none of it was positive.Apparently after the big throw down last week, Aviva and Reid tried to go to bed while the rest of the crew stayed up to party and bond. Behaving like the badly-behaved, unsupervised teenagers that they are, Natalie and Heidi spent the night banging on their door yelling at them to come out and party. Pretty much all night long.“These people are drunk 2-4-7,” Aviva says. “I didn’t come to Marriage Boot Camp to […]

Portentous Game of Thrones Key Art Revealed

GOT S5 - Poster

M&C is taking all bets: We think Sansa is going to breakout as the new Stark threat to contend with!HBO released a portentous key art reveal to the season 5 premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones, add to that the clips previously released that offer more glimpses of what’s to come.The clips feature Jon Snow, Mance, Brienne, and Podrick. Without a doubt, Winter is STILL coming!The latest visions shows Jon Snow (Kit Harington) meeting with Mance Rayder (Ciaran Hinds). Jon looks to be trying to form some kind of common ground with the Wildlings in a bid for survival, but […]

Syfy Honors Extraordinary Legacy Of Leonard Nimoy, Details


TV Picks: Syfy Honors Extraordinary Legacy Of Leonard Nimoy, Details.This Sunday they will air a five hour programming salute to the actor who was a native of Boston, Massachusetts.Syfy will honor the extraordinary legacy of Leonard Nimoy with a special five hour programming salute this Sunday, March 1 from 9AM-2PM (ET/PT), kicking off with his role in an episode of the original Twilight Zone series; his guest star arc on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the final Star Trek original cast movie, Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country.Following is the schedule for the Leonard Nimoy Tribute9:00AM The Twilight Zone/”A […]

Review: ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Detours From Network Norms, And We Love That


Review: ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Detours From Network Norms, And We Love ThatCast: Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, January Jones, Mel Rodriguez, Cleopatra Coleman.The premiere episode airs at 8 p.m. Sunday on FOXThis review is based solely on the premiere.Bottom Line: Breaking away from formulaic sitcoms and network comedy is risky and quite brave, considering how much money (and how many jobs) is at stake to get a show developed these days. But NBC took a huge chance on “Welcome To Sweden,” a decidedly un-network-y comedy that works (very well in my opinion), so FOX goes with this interesting, stark […]

Sneak Peek at Season 3 of A&E’s Bates Motel Plus Season Art Book!

14-2404A_Bates_Motel_S3_Postcard 5x7_JPGs77

Creepy maternal incestual drama underscores the season three of the A&E series “Bates Motel”, debuting Monday, March 9.“Everything’s changing right now,” says Norman (Freddie Highmore) in the creep promo. “It just feels overwhelming. And like it’s this other part of me.”“Bates Motel,” returns for a gripping third season with gripping performances by Vera Farmiga (Norma) and Freddie Highmore (Norman). This season focuses on the evolution of the unhealthy dynamic of the Bates family and dives head first into Norman’s waning ability to stay in denial about what’s happening to him and the lengths he will go to gain control of […]

Jason Silva, Host of Nat Geo’s “Brain Games” Explains That Stupid Dress VIDEO

jason ngc

Buddha said the world is an illusion 2600 years ago. We are nothing but six senses. The mind is the sixth. Everything is built on individual perception.  So yesterday, were you Team Gold and White Dress or Team Blue and Black Dress?Were you like us and thought it was ugly regardless of the color?As you know, millions of people, including celebs like Julianne Moore and Taylor Swift, were scratching their heads late yesterday at why their friends saw the now-viral striped dress as a different color than them.Jason Silva, host of the Emmy-nominated series “Brain Games” on National Geographic Channel, explains the […]

Tips for Sexy, Simple Style From Louise Roe


Tonight on “Style By Jury” on TLC, 43 year-old Lady Bret has been charged with breaching good taste. Compared to Barbie, Marilyn Monroe and “vintage Hollywood meets the ‘80s, mixed with Malibu” Lady Bret loves to dress super sexy, but her appearance is hurting her job search.The jury’s first impressions may be harsh, but a makeover is definitely needed. Style experts Preston Konrad and Louise Roe makeover Lady Bret from head to toe. Catch the episode tonight at 9:30/8:30c on TLC.Style experts Louise Roe and Preston Konrad are the hosts of “Style by Jury.” In this all-new show, watch jaw-dropping […]

Margot Robbie Nicks T.P. And Still Dazzles VIDEOS


Margot Robbie has no compunction in taking anything that is not nailed down from a major hotel chain. This includes T.P.The Australian-born Wolf of Wall Street actress, 24, who was in the canceled “Pan Am” a few years back, was a guest on The Tonight Show Thursday, promoting “Focus,” the upcoming heist film in which she costars with Will Smith, opening Friday.Robbie who once was Christina Ricci’s roomie has revealed that she currently has five roommates, which she describes as “fun.” “I like a loud house, I get weirded out when everything is too quiet” she adds.The Australian actress showed […]

Showtime’s ‘Kobe Bryant’s Muse’ Airs Feb. 28, Interview and Preview

Kobe Bryant

TV Picks: To say that Kobe Bryant is a driven man might be the understatement of the decade. Whether on the basketball court or in business, Kobe Bryant is a cultural icon who transcends the sports world. His focus and intense will to win are legendary, and Showtime was the lucky network where he chose to open up for this film.Kobe gave director Gotham Chopra intimate and unprecedented access over the course of ten months. You don’t have to be a fan of basketball to be fascinated by his story. “Kobe Bryant’s Muse” will examine his drive, what fuels it, how it […]

Discovery ID Brings Vanity Fair Confidential’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Kill’ VIDEOS

Calpernia VFC

 At around two A.M. on July 5, 1999, in the beer-soaked barracks of Delta Company, an exemplary young soldier named Barry Winchell was murdered—attacked with a baseball bat while he slept—in the wake of a male malevolent gay-baiting campaign by his roommate, Justin Fisher. Both Fisher and Calvin Glover, who was convicted of wielding the bat, had serious alcohol problems as well as past troubles with the law. At Fort Campbell, reporter Buzz Bissinger investigated Glover’s horrifying metamorphosis from soldier to killer, Fisher’s psychological manipulation of Glover, and the Catch-22 of Clinton’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy.TV Picks: This […]

Riley Keough Cast in Starz ‘The Girlfriend Experience’

Riley Keough - "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals - Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City, NY, USA  Photo copyright by Janet Mayer /

Starz has cast actress Riley Keough (Magic Mike, Mad Max: Fury Road) in “The Girlfriend Experience,” a 13-part anthology series produced by Transactional Pictures. The series, which is inspired by the 2009 Magnolia Pictures film of the same title and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh and Philip Fleishman, explores the relationships between the exclusive courtesans and their clients, for whom they provide far more than just sex.Keough will star as Christine Reade, a law student at the University of Chicago and an intern at a prestigious law firm, who is intrigued when a friend introduces her to the world of transactional […]

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars ‘Let Them Eat Cake; Previews! VIDEO


Hot! TV Picks: What WILL Sandy Malone say about this? (Stay tuned for her blazing hot recap Friday night!)‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ – All-new episode this Friday (WE TV, 9pm) the boot-campers turn against Aviva after a wild food fight spirals out of control!And these two are smack dab in the middle of the drama:On Friday’s all-new episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ (WE TV, 9pm) the boot-campers turn against Aviva after a wild food fight spirals out of control!On tomorrow’s episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” “Let Them Eat Cake” airing Friday, February 27 at 9 […]

Bill Maher ‘New Rules’ Segment For HBO’s Real Sports VIDEO


TV rewind: Our favorite political pundit and comic Bill Maher (host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”) debuted his “New Rules” for Real Sports on Tuesday’s February premiere of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.Below are excerpts from the segment:PIN HEADS“New Rule: If bowling passes for high school athletics, then maybe it is time for a draft. That’s right, bowling, an activity that requires rolling a ball without spilling your beer, is America’s fastest-growing high school sport. ‘Congratulations, dude, you just lettered in f**king off.’ Although on the upside, there’s nothing like polyester pants and a Banlon shirt to help […]

Dollanganger Incest Drama Returns to Lifetime, ‘If There Be Thorns’ Airs April 5


TV icks (typo that stays!): Dollanganger Drama Returns to Lifetime, ‘If There Be Thorns’ Airs April 5Heather Graham Reprises Role of Corrine Dollanganger; Jason Lewis, Rachael Carpani and James Maslow also Star…Coming off the heels of last year’s hit Original Movies Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind, Lifetime premieres the long-awaited films based on the final two novels in V.C. Andrews’ iconic series about the Dollanganger family. If There Be Thorns (#IfThereBeThorns) premieres on Sunday, April 5, at 8pm ET/PT, and Seeds of Yesterday (#SeedsOfYesterday) will debut on Sunday, April 12, 2015, at 8pm ET/PT.The third installment […]

Season Finale of Star Wars Rebels, ‘Fire Across the Galaxy’ VIDEO And PHOTOS


TV Picks: Season Finale of Star Wars Rebels, ‘Fire Across the Galaxy’ VIDEO And PHOTOSKanan and Ezra take on the Inquisitor in an epic lightsaber duel in the exciting season finale of “Star Wars Rebels” on Disney XD Monday, March 2ndIn the exciting season finale of Star Wars Rebels, the Rebels must infiltrate an Imperial fleet over Mustafar to save Kanan. With the Imperials bearing down on them, the team receives help from an unexpected ally in “Fire Across the Galaxy” – an episode directed by Dave Filoni and written by Simon Kinberg.The season finale of Star Wars Rebels, “Fire […]

VIP Music Five Festival Contest, AXS TV and Mercury Team Up

WGTB S5 U2 Tribute by Hollywood U2 Photo 4 (low rez) Credit Renee Silverman

Contest Alert: Feeling lucky? Head over to Mercury Insurance to enter a fantastic contest: Concert fans who get an online Mercury auto insurance quote will be entered to win a VIP trip and behind-the-scenes experience at five different concert festivals!The Mercury Insurance Backstage Pass sweepstakes runs now through May 31, 2015. Fans can enter by visiting to get a free online auto quote.Festival tickets are a hot commodity, but five lucky music fans will win a VIP experience at some of the most sought after events in the country.Beginning today, consumers who get an online Mercury auto insurance quote […]

Animal Planet’s Ice Cold Gold – Mining in Greenland Back March 5

Ice Cold Gold - Mining in Greenland

TV Picks: Animal Planet’s Ice Cold Gold – Mining in Greenland – Returns March 5, at 10 PMTime to gather up your heavy loaded calories (bacon we are looking at you) and head to the Great White North, eh, for some prospecting.This series follows a band of American prospectors who leave behind everything to explore a new frontier – Greenland – which is covered by the world’s largest ice sheet that hides enormous riches of gold and precious gems.At the beginning of this 12-episode season, the miners are greeted with devastating news: the government sets new restrictions and takes their […]

Going Deep with Ira Waters Snags House of Cards “Claire Underwood” Interview

house of

The Highly Anticipated Third Season of House of Cards Premieres This Friday; Hilarious Parodies– From Sesame Street’s House of Bricks to NEW Web Series, Going Deep With Ira Waters; Chatter on the web about Season 3 spoilers.Step aside Barbara Walters, take a hike Charlie Rose, take note Oprah and Ellen, well, Ellen can stay, but Ira Waters is the new and entirely over-confident journalist in Hollywood and she’s fierce.The anticipation and excitement surrounding tomorrow’s premiere of the third season of House of Cards on Netflix, is leading people to do a lot more than twiddle their thumbs.You can find the […]

Sharon On Kelly’s Quit Claims, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Asian Emojis on The Talk VIDEOS

Kelly Osbourne - "Beside Still Waters" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals  - Laemmle Music Hall Theatre - Beverly Hills, CA, USA  Photo is copyright by Jonathan  Shensa / PR Photos

TV Rewind: Mrs. O on Kelly’s Threat to Quit ‘Fashion Police’ Over Zendaya Controversy; Wendi McLendon-Covey & Tyler Oakley + More – THE TALK (2/25)Kelly Osbourne – “Beside Still Waters” – Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – Laemmle Music Hall Theatre – Beverly Hills, CA, USA Photo is copyright by Jonathan Shensa / PR PhotosSharon Osbourne on Kelly Threatening to Quit ‘Fashion Police’ Over Giuliana’s Zendaya Dreadlock CommentsSharon Osbourne responds to daughter Kelly threatening to quit “Fashion Police” over co-host Giuliana Rancic dissing Zendaya for her dreadlocks at the Oscars. Sharon Osbourne says, Sharon Osbourne says “I think that her […]

Review: ‘VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer’ Is Optimistic, Gut Wrenching, Logical


VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer airs Friday night February 27th on HBO.Bottom Line: The poison that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Both are true statements when it comes to beating up and killing cancer cells. VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer on HBO sees Shane Smith – like many of us – have a deeply personal stake and connection in the subject of cancer, the malady of all maladies (also the subject of PBS’ Ken Burns’ latest doc, a comprehensive report on the state of cancer today. Burns’ film premieres on March […]