TV Picks: NBC ‘The Voice’ Debuts Battles Round 2 Tonight! VIDEOS

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TV Picks: NBC ‘The Voice’ Debuts Battles Round 2 Tonight! VIDEOS

TV Picks: It’s the battle rounds x 2 back for The Voice.  “Consciously Uncoupled” Coldplay rocker Chris Martin is joining the party.

For the first time ever, The Voice presents Battles, Round 2! The best of the best are headed back into the ring tonight at 8/7c, and Chris Martin is being brought in to advise them all.Home

In case you didn’t get the recent memo, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are having a very civilized divorce, and according to TM it is because they both have dirty deeds done dirt cheap and want to keep them from surfacing.

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TMZ writes: “Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin will end their marriage amicably … in large part because they’ve each done things during the marriage they DON’T want ending up in legal docs. Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ … this is NOT a separation. They are definitely getting divorced. But both are concerned about serious PR damage if the divorce turns ugly, and they don’t want to open the door to media reports about them straying from the marriage as well as other issues.”


Preview the Battles, Round 2

Coldplay’s Chris Martin advises all the advancing artists as they face their biggest challenges yet when the battle rounds begin Monday at 8/7c.

Chris Martin Magic Touch

Coldplay’s Chris Martin has a simple but powerful suggestion for Josh Murley and Patrick Thomson as prepare for Battle.

Preview: Chris Martin’s Big Advice

Coldplay’s Chris Martin prepares Audra McLaughlin and Megan Ruger for the second round of battles.