TV on DVD Review: Nashville, Castle, Once Upon a Time, Grey’s Anatomy

ABC Studios and Buena Vista Home Entertainment are making sure fans have plenty to love and hours to spend binge watching some of televisions greatest series with new DVD and Blu-ray releases of some of ABC’s hit shows– including the incredible first season of Nashville, Once Upon a Time: The Complete Second Season, Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Ninth Season, and Castle: The Complete Fifth Season.

Nashville: The Complete First Season – With storylines that could give classic evening soaps like Dallas and Dynasty a run for their money and incredible music (some of it hauntingly beautiful), Nashville has something to offer all viewers. The incredible ensemble cast makes the show instantly entertaining, and the writers make the most of its musical setting to create a show that feels fresh and new.

The first season stumbles from time to time, but does enough to keep viewers hooked and looking forward to what’s to come with season two.

Official Synopsis: Behind the music of Nashville lies a captivating web of betrayal, heartbreak and rivalry. Rayna Jaymes is the reigning Queen of Country, yet hot young diva Juliette Barnes is poised to knock her off her throne. Adding more fuel to the fire is Rayna’s rich, scheming father, whose political ambitions for Rayna’s husband hide sinister ulterior motives.

Along with delivering all 21 episodes of the first season, the five disc set gives fans their money worth thanks to a ton of special features that go into how the series was created, cast, and its Nashville setting. There are also deleted scenes and a great blooper reel.

Bonus Features:

“Nashville” Comes to Nashville – Follow the cast as they take a tour through the soul of “Music City” by exploring the legends and historical locations that make the show truly authentic.

On The Record – The “B” Side – In an expansion of the popular On The Record series, fans will get the inside scoop into some of the stories told by the talented writers and musicians who create the music that is the heart of the show.

The Stellas Go On “Tour”– Get a closer look at the show through the eyes of “Nashville’s” adorable and real-life sisters, Lennon Stella (Maddy) and Maisy Stella (Daphne).

Deleted Scenes – Experience even more compelling drama through these unseen moments from the hit series.

Bloopers – Laugh your heart out with never-before-seen outtakes from the set.

Once Upon a Time: The Complete Second Season – Things get even more magical in the second season of the hit fantasy series Once Upon a Time. The second season takes all the ingredients that made the show a hit and expand it by adding a ton of new characters for fans to hate and love.

The fantasy characters and ensemble cast continue to be the main reason to watch the series, but it does feel a bit bloated from time to time. The second season also tends to feel like a launching block for the new spin-off series, but fans of the show will continue to be hooked by the magic they see on the screen.

Official Synopsis: Relive every thrilling moment of the fairy tale-inspired series when “Once Upon a Time: The Complete Second Season” casts its tantalizing spell onto Blu-ray/DVD. The curse is broken, magic has arrived, and there’s no telling what – or who – will be unleashed! Now the exiled fairy tale characters must grapple with a flood of awakened memories as they come to grips with their new “reality.”

Old loyalties will be tested, new heroes will emerge, and vengeful villains will wreak havoc. Amidst the backdrop of previously unexplored lands and a newly magical Storybrooke, love and sacrifice will set the stage for the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Along with the 22 episodes, the five-disc boxed comes with some epic bonus features that include a much needed look at the show’s genealogy (which is worth taking the time to check out before watching the second season), a look at the female heroes of Storybrooke, and a greater look at Captain Hook. The features also include delete scenes, commentary and bloopers.

Bonus Features: 

A Fractured Family Tree – Explore the tangled magical genealogy behind the series’ fairytale family.

Sincerely, Hook – Set sail with Colin O’Donoghue (Killian Jones/Captain Hook) and learn more about the man behind the hook.

Girl Power – Enjoy a high impact look at Storybrooke’s fearless females as they fight for love and justice between the realms of magic and reality.

The Fairest Bloopers of Them All – Fans will laugh-out-loud with outtakes from the latest season.

Deleted Scenes – Experience never-before-seen moments from the magical series. 

Audio Commentaries – Join the cast and crew as they share details about what it was like to make each spellbinding episode come to life.

Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Ninth Season – Following an incredible cliffhanger, the ninth season of Grey’s Anatomy does feel a tad stale from time to time, but continues to keep you hooked thanks to its large ensemble cast and the multiple storylines that run throughout the season. The series takes its time with showing the aftermath of Season Eight’s plane crash, but does an excellent job making sure that storyline has true consequences to the show’s various characters.

Along with picking up the pieces from the plane crash, the ninth season injects some much needed new blood into the series with a fresh batch of interns, a unique storyline which finds the doctors taking on an administrative role in the hospital through an odd turn of events, and, of course, more romance than actual medicine.

Official Synopsis: It’s a year of bold new beginnings as Seattle’s favorite doctors return to the hospital for the biggest challenge of their lives.

The plane crash that took the life of Lexie Grey sent shockwaves throughout Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, but from the ashes, romance will rise with each surgeon handling the loss in their own personal way.

Like past releases, Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Ninth Season rewards fans with more than just the season’s 24 episodes and comes loaded with bonus features – which include a great blooper reel, extended episodes, a well-earned looked at Jim Pickens, Jr., and a look at the show’s characters.

Bonus Features:

Finale Extended Episode – The drama continues to unfold with unseen footage that completes the dramatic ninth season.

Spotlight Cast Piece – Jim Pickens, Jr. – Tag along with Jim Pickens, Jr.  (Dr. Richard Webber) and learn more about the man behind the surgical gloves.

Spotlight Character Piece – Arizona Robbins – From zipping down the halls in her roller shoes to learning how to walk again, viewers will receive a closer look at the hospital’s bubbly pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) as she begins to cope with her new life.

Deleted Scenes – Catch more of the touching drama through several never-before-seen moments from the hit series.

Outtakes – Laugh your heart out with these unseen, hilarious moments from the set.

Castle: The Complete Fifth Season - Castle and Beckett are finally together, but the romance had a heavy price after the fallout of season four’s storyline. The show follows the “crime of the week” formula, but the chemistry between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic keep fans from even thinking of getting bored.

The two stars are also joined by a great ensemble of supporting actors who make their characters just as entertaining. The new season finds our duo trying to keep their romance under wraps from their co-workers, Castle dealing with his daughter moving on to college, and Beckett continuing to track down her mother’s murderer – even at the risk of her own life.

Official Synopsis: Together at last! After four seasons of sparring and heated banter, TV’s dynamic crime-solving team finds romance in ABC’s Castle: The Complete Fifth Season.

Now that Castle and Beckett (“Caskett”) have finally given into their true feelings for each other, how will it affect their work together? As they try to keep their new relationship under wraps from their co-workers, the unlikely duo must track down the murderer of Beckett’s mother, find the perpetrator of a major conspiracy, and untangle a line of investigation that links Castle to a ritualistic killing. The action and passion heat up like never before in the brilliant fifth season of ABC’s Castle!

Like other ABC releases, fans get their money worth with a bonus material that ranges from standard deleted scenes and gag reels to a detailed look at Castle’s penthouse home and tactical training to show how the cops learn how to move on the show.

Bonus Features:

Martha’s Masters Class – Castle’s mom presents a whole new way to experience the 100th episode.

Your Home is Your Castle – Interior design star Vern Yip gives you exclusive access to Castle’s penthouse and Beckett’s loft in an all-new TV design special.

Lot Cops – The always unpredictable Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever bring fans along on a tactical training course to ensure authenticity in the series.

Deleted Scenes


Audio Commentaries

All of these series are a great way to kick back, relax and enjoy some great television. They offer a mixture of drama, laughs, and romance. They all feature some incredible ensemble casts and some of television’s best writing.

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