TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tax trouble

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay may be a stickler in the kitchen, but when it comes to filing his taxes, he’s a slacker. <P></P> <P> reports that records show that the "accounts for Gordon Ramsay Holdings, the company that operates most of Ramsay’s restaurants, should have been filed at the end of June last year."</P> <P>The accounting website reports that seven companies controlling Ramsay’s flagship restaurants have also failed to file numbers with Companies House on time.</P> <P>Another restaurant of Ramsay’s is in arrears with its accounts – and Ramsay reportedly "has been fined at least £3,500 for missing the filing deadlines and faces further penalties if the overdue accounts are not sent to Companies House within a year of the missed deadlines."</P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.