Trump launches Rosie tirade on CNN’s Larry King Live

Live television Holiday fun.  Larry King on CNN is interviewing Donald Trump live, who is mid-flight going to his swanky Florida Mar-a Lago Palm Beach estate from New York, and he sets the record straight about Barbara Walters true feelings, saying in private she (Walters) tells him she is embarrassed of Rosie O’Donnell on her “The View” show.

“Larry, I think I am a lot better on the morality front than Rosie..” said Trump.

How would you like to kiss that goodnight Larry..” said Trump to King, discussing his complete disgust for Rosie and her alleged tenuous hold on her girlfriend Kelly.  Kelly was in “The View’s” audience today in support of Rosie.

“It’s never over with me Larry…I guess she needed the security of her girlfriend there..” She doesnt have the guts to face the facts…she is just nothing Larry..”

Why does Donald fight back so hard?  Asked a windblown Larry.  “I like to go after liars,”  said Trump.

Donald equated the Rosie situation to the war in Iraq, all, according to Trump, based on lies.  “Rosie lies, she knows she lies..”  “She’s gutless Larry..”  King was speechless.  “Iraq is important…we took a day, invited soldiers with no arms, no legs to Mar-a Lago..these soldiers sent over to Iraq..that’s really what we should be talking about Larry..” said Trump.

“I don’t think she has any talent….she’s not smart..Rosie has a best a very average I.Q.” 

“She’s tarnishing the image of a great friend of mine, Barbara Walters…” Trump opined.

What about the boo hoo Kentucky beauty queen Conner, tainted by the bad Big Apple allure? “I didn’t forgive her Larry” talking about Miss USA, commenting on her addiction issues-which Miss USA herself says is “pushing the envelope.”

“She’s in rehab Larry..” said Trump.  Asked about Katie Rees?  “Miss Nevada was a disaster..these pictures were pretty far out there..we had no choice but to terminate her..” said Trump.

Larry King brought up past feuds with Martha Stewart.  “You can’t even mention Rosie and Martha in the same breathe, Martha is a quality woman…Martha is about 15 levels higher,” conceded Trump.  Then he cited her past business failures.

“When somebody lies, you take it to them…” said The Donald to Larry King.

“He never backs off” said Larry King about Trump.


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