‘True Blood’ sets up Evan Rachel Wood’s Queenly entrance, some thoughts

A quickie synopsis of last night’s ‘True Blood': A hillbilly mass possession reduces townies to guffaws, inappropriate sexual behaviors, headbanging and phone pranks, as Sam, aided by bright bulbs Jason and drunken officer Andy, fool the followers of Maryann with flares and a tree branch masquerading as God’s “horns.” 

Sookie, aided by Bill, sets Tara straight, and Bill goes to the one vampire he thinks can help him with the Maenad, the Queen Vampire: enter Evan Rachel Wood for the finale episodes.


Humor trumps horror as Alan Ball’s southern gothic winds down, and Maryann is dealt with upon Sookie and Bill’s return.  Sookie seems to be the key to at least giving Maryann a pause, delivering an electric shock facial to the brunette beast with the putrid black blood that made Bill barf the whole trip to Lafayettes.

The f-bomb in all its mighty variations got a workout in last night’s episode too.

Hoyt’s mama, my new favorite politically incorrect character, is also under the Maryann spell, and her hateful vitriol was elevated to code red, only to be managed by a game of Wii.  Her come-on to Jason made me a bit queasy. Still, she pushed Jessica’s buttons enough to sort of ruin the whole picture-book mother-vamp daughter-in-law fantasy Hoyt might have had.

Another shot that made me nauseous was the Bon Temps revellers awaiting Sam’s demise inside Merlottes, getting their groove on, with some woman being attended to by two others licking squirted mustard off her legs.  Yuck!

There’s still Eric, lurking in Sookie’s dreams.  He will be making a real move soon.

Hats of to Michelle Forbes, whose hearty laughter and demonic glances makes an otherwise dullish demon Maenad come to life with gusto. 

Then there is Ryan Kwanten’s Jason, the comic relief who strips off his shirt at the drop of a hat, and struggles to remember what “smite” means.  

Rutina Wesley as Tara is delivering solid performances, and for me she’s a much more compelling character than Paquin’s Sookie.

So, was this episode silly, just right or the best ever? Talk Back.

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