Trouble in Oz land: Croc Hunter’s dad Bob Irwin quits zoo

Steve Irwin’s dad Bob Irwin has quit the Australia zoo amidst rumored bad blood with his daughter-in-law, Terri Irwin.

The Australian Herald Sun reports that papa Irwin is “vowing to keep his son’s dream alive elsewhere.”

Noted in his resignation letter, Bob Irwin claims it was a “difficult decision” to leave the conservation and tourism operation he helped build over 36 years.

The Herald Sun claims that staffers hint of a feud with Terri Irwin over the treatment of the entire organization.

Bob Irwin provided his 300 word statement exclusively to the Herald Sun claiming he was “angry that zoo management had refused to make it public on Friday, instead sending out words ‘that were not his’.”

Bob plans to establish a new natural sanctuary in his son’s honor in Kingaroy, 209km northwest of Brisbane.

“You may rest assured that Judy (Bob’s partner) and I will continue with Steve’s dream, with the passion and commitment he would expect,” he said.

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