Trailer Park: Welcome To Myrtle Manor Previews for TLC

TV Picks: “Trailer Park: Welcome To Myrtle Manor” is back.
Becky, Gina, Miss Peggy and Roy sitting in a car while Brock lays out

Becky, Gina, Miss Peggy and Roy sitting in a car while Brock lays out

The series revolves around the quirky mobile home residents of a trailer park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Season 3 premiered on February 26th and the series airs Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT.
Kim dancing while Becky claps and Brock, Gina and Roy

Kim dancing while Becky claps and Brock, Gina and Roy

Much to Becky’s dismay, Roxy joins Myrtle Manor. Despite Becky’s protests, Roxy surprises the community by attending town hall and announcing her role at the trailer park. Amanda’s attempt to make up with Chelsey with a birthday BBQ goes awry, leading to a confrontation between the former best friends. Marvin tries to give Miss Anne a special surprise, but his plan backfires. And, friendships are tested when romance blossoms between Jessica and Brock. 

Things get a little messy when Amanda confronts Chelsey while she is baking a cake

America’s favorite trailer park is back and filled with plenty of gossip that’s hotter than the southern sun, romance that’s steamer than the humidity, and drama thicker than grandma’s banana pudding.  When new parents Chelsey and Jared arrive home with their baby girl they pray that their neighbors will support them as they navigate the choppy waters of rearing a child.
Across the way Amanda is giving love another chance with a new man, but her neighbors aren’t convinced that this guy will treat her with the respect that she deserves.  A ghost of summers past is stowing away in the park, but when Becky finds out will she let her stay?
Hunky handyman Brock is still playing the field but vows to settle down by summer’s end.  Of course Anne and Marvin are madly in love, but the future of their complicated relationship is completely unknown.  Over at Tangulls Roy and Gina aren’t seeing eye to eye when a feud threatens the future of Myrtle Manor’s favorite salon.  All the while Becky’s Arch nemesis, Roxie, is dating a Myrtle Manor resident, but is she truly in love or just looking for a new angle in her long standing plan to make Becky’s life a living hell?
Becky: The Trailer Park Landlord
Myrtle Manor has been in Becky’s family for generations and her father Cecil recently turned over the business to her. She loves working with her family and she’s not afraid of evicting people when they don’t pay their rent. Her motto is “NO PAY, NO STAY.”
Jeana: Becky’s Aunt
Jeana, who is Becky’s aunt and Cecil’s niece, serves as the narrator on the show. She is single with three children, and an avid motorcycle rider.
Cecil:  Becky’s Father and Owner of Myrtle Manor
Cecil is supposed to be retired, but he loves to work. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Barbara, and his wonderful family. Cecil came very close to selling the trailer park but at the 11th hour decided he wanted to keep it in the family.
Jared and Chelsey: Newlyweds and new Parents 
After returning to their hometown in Ohio to welcome their new daughter into the world, Jared and Chelsey return to Myrtle Manor to raise newborn daughter Belamy at the beach; relying heavily on their trailer park family as they navigate being new parents.
Amanda: Georgia Peach  
Amanda is a country girl with a wild free spirit, an animal lover and an amazing cook. She was a Weiner Girl and shared a trailer with best friend Chelsey. But now the Weiner Girl business is no more and Chelsey is busy rearing a baby with Jared, leaving Amanda in hopes of finding love and finding her path in life.
Gina: Co-owner of Tangulls (Myrtle Manor hair salon) and hairdresser
Gina is proud to be a true Myrtle Beach native. She has two daughters, a granddaughter, and she loves helping people when they have bad hair days. Although she doesn’t live in the park, Miss Gina is more than happy to have Tangulls serve as the rumor mill for the residents.
Roy:  Co-owner of Tangulls (Myrtle Manor hair salon), hairdresser and former drag queen
Roy is an award winning hair designer and makeup artist. He is also at times a pageant coach and judge. The most important thing in his life is his family, and Braxton, his Chihuahua. He is also the first to admit that his lips and cheekbones are surgically enhanced, but his man boobs are all his.
Anne: Avid Gardener and Marvin’s Love Interest
Anne is a proud southern woman and has two sons, one of which, Taylor, moved out of Myrtle Manor. She is a former teacher, the majority of her career having been in Myrtle Beach. Anne loves gardening and, of course, a good laugh.
Marvin: Head of Security at Myrtle Manor
Marvin is this five-star trailer park’s head of security. Marvin’s job is to ensure the safety of the residents, direct traffic and help Miss Becky keep the rules enforced. Aside from these responsibilities, Marvin is an “S” scale bus and truck collector, loves listening to music, as well as making cologne/perfume aromatic fragrances. He also has a boogie board collection.  And spends his days pursuing his love interest, “Miss Anne.”
Roger AKA ‘Bandit': Jingle Writer and Model
Bandit is a song and jingle writer, and a freelancer in all trades. He is still single and looking for that woman to fall in love with.  Bandit lives on a houseboat in Chelsey and Jared’s front yard and is never far away from being evicted from the trailer park for good.
Miss Peggy: The eyes and ears of Myrtle Manor
Miss Peggy is the oldest resident at Myrtle Manor, having lived in the trailer park for 31 years. Not your average Grandma, Miss Peggy reminds everyone you only live once. And while she may be the oldest of our gang, she can sure keep up with the youngest ones. She is not afraid to tell you what she is really thinking.
Brittney: Party Girl; Amanda’s ‘Frienemy’
Brittney considers herself a hardworking, life-sized Barbie with a crazy side. She has an obsession with glitter, nails, and the color pink.  She and roommate Amanda have never gotten along.
Brock: Hot Myrtle Manor Handyman
Brock loves music and fitness and is the second oldest of five boys.  Brock is always involved with at least one of the young ladies in the park.
Kimberly: Housekeeping Supervisor at Ocean Park Resort
A five-year resident of Myrtle Manor, Kim is a single mother with one son. She loves to drink, party, shop for wigs and spend time hanging out at Tangulls gossiping with Gina and Roy.
Marshall Roxanne: Manager – Village Creek Mobile Home Park
Roxanne, or Roxie, was born in Hartsville, South Carolina, but moved to Myrtle Beach when she was very young. Becky is her longtime rival. They instantly hated each other when they met riding the school bus together as kids. Roxie is a single mother with two children. She prides herself on running a trailer park where people can be themselves.