Tori Spelling; the “bad” daughter?

If you ask Roger Friedman of Fox news, the answer is yes.

Friedman posted a story today that was a bad taste time-line of Tori Spellings lack of daughter-ly duty and decorum. 

“The country’s celebration of dreck and bad taste reaches a new low today: Tori Spelling is on the cover of Us Weekly, a mere five days after the death of her father, beloved TV producer Aaron Spelling….

Think about this: Aaron Spelling passed away on Friday night, June 23. Tori would have had to have given her interview by Monday at the latest in order to make Us’ printing schedule. The funeral was on Sunday. Creepy does not even begin to describe what this girl has done.”

Friedman continued. “Tori’s appearance is designed to destroy her mother, Candy, with whom she has been feuding for no apparent reason…I am told there are several discrepancies in Tori’s story, but an inside source familiar with the Spellings’ family crises has been very clear: Tori did not attend her father’s burial. Further, this source insists, she had not seen him in months. The latter assertion has been confirmed all the way around.”

Friedman goes on to criticize the Us Weekly cover as “perhaps the most venal and permanently divisive story I’ve ever seen concerning a celebrity family. It makes anything Patti Davis Reagan did look like kindergarten. I doubt Candy Spelling will ever speak to her daughter again, and who could blame her?”

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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