Top plastic surgeon creates plastic surgery aesthetics bible, ‘Be Your Best’

If you have the slightest interest in plastic surgery, it is best to be armed with all the knowledge you can be. Common sense dictates that you only consult with a board certified doctor and make sure whatever procedure you elect is their specialty.

All doctors have different areas of expertise, but very few can claim mastery of most.

Internationally acclaimed aesthetic plastic surgeon Peter Bela Fodor, M.D., F.A.C.S. is one of the rare doctors whose natural ambidextrous ability (he can operate and use each hand equally) creates the most dramatic results. Dr. Fodor’s peers have elevated him to serve in multiple positions in various national and international plastic surgical organizations including as President of the Lipoplasty Society of North America as well as President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Fodor is the principal writer and medical editor of the book, “Be Your Best – A Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,” considered to be the definitive book on plastic surgery that is unequaled in its painstaking examination of every conceivable operation, including risks, rewards and the actual mechanics of the surgeries highlighted with exceptional illustrations.

Brow Lift, from Be Your Best

Brow Lift, from “Be Your Best”


This perfectly organized tome is the plastic surgery bible for anyone who wants to weigh the decision to opt for surgery or not.

So how do you decide which procedure might be best for you?

What about the many new non-surgical procedures that are heavily promoted and featured in magazines and on TV shows? Which are truly effective, and which are simply oversold? This comprehensive guide incorporates expertise with an emphasis on consumer education and patient safety, walking readers through all aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery.

Face lift, from Be Your best

Face lift, from ‘Be Your best’


Dr. Fodor strips away the marketing jargon and lays out all the information in an easy to read format that uses the knowledge of over 150 board certified plastic surgeons to learn the answers to these and many other important questions in 260 – plus pages filled with these leading doctor’s views and technical expertise, a realistic presentation of what can and cannot be accomplished with aesthetic medicine and surgery as well as tips on a quick and full recovery.

Each chapter is organized by body area, and followed with detailed quotes from Dr. Fodor. On the chapter regarding brow lifts, Dr. Fodor states, “Rejuvenation of the forehead. brow and upper eyelid areas is a complex process that requires careful patient assessment and meticulous planning by the surgeon – whether a surgical procedure or a non-surgical alternative is selected. The final results can be among the most satisfying for patients who wish not only to look younger and more attractive but also to soften an angry or frowning appearance.”

All chapters have a useful sidebar of “fast facts” that bullet the pros and cons, and the steps of each procedure from start to finish.

“Be Your Best is intended to help anyone who is interested in cosmetic procedures assisting them in making wise choices for themselves or their family members,” says Dr. Fodor. “Everyone seeking cosmetic surgery through reading this book should possess the knowledge necessary to select the qualified plastic surgeon right for them. It also prepares patients to be well informed as they consider the options available to them. This may include the decision to not undergo aesthetic surgery.”

For more information, Dr. Fodor’s website