Too Human: GDC gameplay fails to impress punters

Too Human seems to have been in development since the dawn of time — almost as long as Duke Nukem Forever — yet Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem) has continued to push its pseudo hack-and-slash RPG hybrid in order to bring it exclusively to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

As with any game stuck so long in development limbo, expectations for Too Human are predictably astronomical and critical eyes and tongues (predominantly those belonging to PS3 fanboys) are even more sharply attuned to ongoing glimpses ahead of the game’s eventual release.

With a scheduled arrival date of… well… no one really knows, Too Human has this week been stomping its futuristic android boots at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) as it attempts to convince onlookers that years of production and delays won’t spoil, but rather enhance the end product.

“Too Human chronicles the ongoing struggle between Cybernetic gods, machine giants and mortal men on a massive scale never before seen, offers Silicon Knights. “Play the role of a cybernetic god charged with protecting the human race against a relentless onslaught of machines.

Any coaxed words of praise from the attending games media via one-on-one interaction will certainly enamour Too Human to the game-buying public, but without the opportunity to sample Silicon Knights’ creation firsthand, that all-important demographic doesn’t seem overly impressed at this juncture — and that could be a killer for Too Human, 250 years in development or otherwise.

For example, discerning game fans over at aren’t warming to Too Human, labelling its combat as sloppy and repetitive, its visuals as drab and unappealing, and repeatedly comparing it (negatively) against recent hack-and-slash epics Devil May Cry 4, Heavenly Sword and God of War II.

Want to sample close to four minutes of Too Human’s gameplay and make your own assessment? Click below.

And M&C Gaming? Well, although final judgement must be withheld until having actually played the game proper (fabulous gameplay, narrative depth, and immersive character evolution can forgive a multitude of sins), we’re currently leaning towards the masses on this one.

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