Tony Barretto’s 15 minutes of fame continues: Britney blather

Not satisfied with his past Larry King appearance, the saga of Britney Spear’s “concerned” former bodyguard for two months, Tony Barretto, goes on.  He reveals what it was like working with the pop princess and why he “fears for her life.”

Barretto tells Extra that Spear’s erratic behavior “got to him.”

“She’s happy. She’s walking around the house and then all of a sudden, she’s crying and it’s gotten as bad as her screaming.”

“There’s something that needs to be fixed with Britney. No bodyguard can’t do it. An assistant can’t do it. And Britney, obviously, can’t do it alone,” Baretto says.

Barretto was her body guard for two months following her stint in rehab, and appeared on “Larry King Live” with his attorney, Gloria Allred.

Barretto and Spears before he was canned

Barretto and Spears before he was canned

Barretto claimed he was speaking he feared for the safety of her two young sons, Sean Preston 2, and Jayden James, 1. He said Spears fired him because he didn’t hear her tell him to pick up her hat, even though she knew he is hard of hearing.

When asked what he believes is the root of her problems, the educationally and professionally unqualified large man hired to solely protect her responds, “The times that I’ve seen her use narcotics, maybe made her condition worsen. I think definitely she’s got some kind of mental problem.”

Barretto milks his quasi-fame with Extra, expressing he is “concerned” with the well being of her young children saying, “I think anywhere is safer than mom’s house, unfortunately.” He also fears that Spears’ is a suicide risk.

“There’s been a couple times where I felt that way,” says Barretto.

Apparently, no one can tell Spears what to do and Barretto believes that is the issue. “Her parents can’t control her. The judge can’t control her. Nobody can control her. She does what she wants. There’s nobody that can tell her what to do,” he says.

Part One of Barretto’s interview airs tonight, January 9th on “Extra” and tune in tomorrow, January 10th, for Part Two. For all the latest celebrity news, log on here.

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