Tomorrow – Book Review

A group of Australian teenagers decide to go on one last camp before their school holidays end. They head off for an isolated hillside destination.  When they come back, their world has changed.  Families have disappeared, there is no power, no radio, livestock is dead or dying. 

A visit to a local showground reveals that a hostile army has invaded Australia and is keeping everyone prisoner.  The teenagers escape and seek refuge in the wild.  Using all their skills, they learn how to survive, how to fight back and how to escape capture. 

When one of their number is badly injured, they have to decide how to get help for her.  A well written adventure aimed at a teenage audience, it poses lots of questions for teenagers to think about – would they risk their lives if such an invasion happened? How would they react?  The characters are clearly drawn and very much alive – you have to sympathize with their predicament.