Tom Verlaine to release two new albums this spring

Former Television guitarist-singer Tom Verlaine is planning on releasing two brand new albums this April via Thrill Jockey Records. One CD, ‘Around’, is entirely instrumental while the other, ‘Songs And Other Things’ is Verlaine’s first vocal album since 1990’s ‘The Wonder.’

Verlaine has spent much of the past year playing with fellow New Yorker Patti Smith as well as with his old group Television.

Tracklisting for Around:

“The O Of Adore”
“Brief Description”
“Rain, Sidewalk”
“Shadow Walks Away”
“Meteor Beach”
“Curtains Open”
“Eighty Eights”
“A Burned Letter”
“Wheel Broke”
“The Suns Gliding”

Tracklisting for Songs And Other Things:

“A Parade In Littleton”
“Heavenly Charm”
“Blue Light”
“From Her Fingers”
“Nice Actress”
“A Stroll”
“The Earth Is In The Sky”
“Lovebird Asylum Seeker”
“All Weirded Out”
“The Day On You”
“Peace Piece”

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