Tom Cruise Says He’s In Love

In an interview to be aired next Monday conducted by entertainment news television show Access Hollywood, Tom Cruise says he loves Katie Holmes.

When asked by entertainment reporter Billy Bush about Cruise’s feeling for Holmes, Cruise gushes, “I love this woman. She’s magnificent.”

Bush asked Cruise why he is being so open about this relationship when in the past, he has been so private.  Cruise replied, “I’ve got to tell you something, I’m not going to hide it. I am so happy, and I am not going to pretend or hide it or be shy. This woman is magnificent. I’m having the best time, Billy, and I’m really, really happy and I can’t contain it.”

Cruise also explains that he and Holmes have much in common.  He says, “We go scuba diving together.  She likes all the stuff that I love to do, she’s funny and smart. I was looking at her like, ‘Man, you are so cool’.”

Apparently, Cruise had his eye on Holmes for a while before finally asking her on a date.  “I’ve always seen how talented she was. I’ve seen her in films, and I’ve seen Dawson’s Creek. I’ve seen her work and you go, ‘Man, that girl is really talented.”

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