Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, wedding bells?

According to Roger Friedman, the chatter has reached critical mass.
The Fox 411 reporter writes that the long speculated nuptials of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes could finally be upon us.

Friedman reports that the wedding “will no doubt be veiled in secrecy in the same way the birth of the couple’s child was in April.”

Friedman speculates that “Cruise will use a wedding as a vehicle for letting out a picture of baby Suri.”

The Holmes’ family are devout Catholics, and the “chatter” coming through to various editors and reporters is about the conflict Katie faces with the wall of Scientology she currently is immersed in.  Some say imprisoned.

The scuttlebutt is focused on Holmes’ family and friends to see if they are invited, or if they come at all to the event.

There’s the issue of a prenuptial agreement, and the existence of any pre-Suri birth contract that may have been penned for Holmes prior to her life being absorbed by Cruise & Co.

Friedman speculates that “from the way things have gone with his kids from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, it’s clear Cruise wants a baby raised in his home by his beliefs, with or without her mother.”

Fox 411 goes on to guess where the alleged impending nuptials will be, and the bets are off on Katie’s hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Friedman states: “Katie’s mom will be denied any chance to plan her daughter’s wedding, that’s for sure.”

“One can only sympathize with the Holmes family at this point: They are so civic-minded and involved with their church that Cruise’s control of their daughter must be a continuous source of pain for them.” Said Friedman in his article.

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