TLC’s ‘Style By Jury,’ Tattoo Artist Marisa, Good Luck VIDEO


TV Picks: Nothing like appearing in front of strangers to hear all about your fashion faux pas! Enter TLC’s fashion shame fest that rehabilitates trainwrecks into stylish sorts. Good luck working around trashy tats there, Louise! Christ on a cracker, this one will be a toughie.

On tonight’s episode of Style By Jury, mother and tattoo artist Marisa stands accused of reckless styling for wearing dizzying patterns, outrageous accessories and heavy, costume-like makeup.

Style experts Preston Konrad and Louise Roe and are ready to help Marisa transform from distractive to attractive with a new mature, professional look. See Marisa’s transformation on tonight’s episode, airing at 9:30/8:30c on TLC.

Watch the preview: