TLC’s ‘Sex Sent Me To The ER’ Sees Trouble In Several ‘Love Shacks’ VIDEO

sexTV Picks: On tomorrow’s brand new episode of Sex Sent Me To The ER (at 10PM ET/PT on TLC) a man is paralyzed after sex and his girlfriend thinks her junk is to blame; a couple’s birth plan may be the cause of the woman’s shocking symptoms; things go from bad to worse when a man gives his girlfriend a special gift for taking care of him!


Toni and Chris are excited to get some alone time housesitting for Toni’s parents. But things aren’t so comfy in their love shack, because the house is filled with clutter. After clearing some space, they find a place to get busy and pull out the stops to impress each other. But after their long, vigorous romp, Chris suddenly can’t walk and Toni thinks her junk in the trunk may be the cause.


Dr. Michelle Pearl is so busy in the ER the she barely has time for a break, when a couple comes in with a bizarre problem. The woman is having vaginal pain and keeps talking about her birth plan, even though she is not pregnant. Dr. Pearl tries to get the couple to tell them the cause of the woman’s problem so she can begin treatment. But, they keep talking about their plans instead. Finally, the couple explains that their birth plan is to have as much fun as they can before having a baby but something from their pre-baby list has landed them in the ER.


Hoping to give her boyfriend Tommie a restful weekend to recuperate after his surgery, Stephanie plans a fun-filled resort trip. Tommie appreciates how well Stephanie is taking care of him and wants to give her a special gift. But after a long night of passion, Tommie feels worse than ever and ends up in the ER with an unbelievable diagnosis.


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