Tim Allen and wife have a baby on the way

Tim Allen talked about the recent announcement that he and his wife, Jane Hajduk, are expecting a baby to Extra.

Allen, who has 19 year-old-daughter, Katherine, from his previous marriage admitted that fatherhood this time around will be different. “We’re both really excited about it but things have changed…It’s overwhelming. There’s so much stuff to look at!”Allen explains.

Allen also had a heartfelt message regarding his Wild Hogs co-star, John Travolta, and the tragic death of his son, Jett. “We sent him a message from our family and I sent a personal email to him.

He loved that boy and that family loved that boy. That’s all he talked about on the set. He was so proud of him. It broke my heart…It’s terrible news and there’s nothing you can say that’s helping. I just hope somewhere they find clarity and peace,” Allen says.

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