Tilda Swinton’s artistic sleep resurrected at MoMA

Tilda Swinton’s reprising her sleeping beauty in a box performance art The Museum of Modern Art

Back in 1995, Swinton exhibited herself lying in a glass case at the Serpentine gallery in London.

The Oscar-winning actress will be appearing at the New York Museum of Modern Art. The installation, in which Tilda plays a vital part, is part of a wider series, entitled “The Maybe”, which was started at her first exhibit in London alomg with artist Cornelia Parker.



The box installation will appear in random locations at the museum, six whole times before the end of 2013. The piece reportedly will only be displayed at very rare and completely random times. These are such a closely guarded secret, that not even museum workers know when Swinton will be having her next sleepover at the MoMA, according to Gothamist.

Swinton won an Oscar for Michael Clayton. She also stars in an avante garde video as the suburban wife of David Bowie in his latest single “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”.