Tila Tequila teams with Indie911’s hoooka for debut single “I Love U”

The Queen of MySpace Tila Tequila hits the hoooka on March 14th when her debut single “I Love U” and accompanying music video become available for sale on a unique online store that that lets artists and fans customize their own playlists and share, sell, and stream music, videos, and photos online.

Fans can create their own hoooka, add Ms. Tequila’s new single and video for “I Love U,” and make 10% of everything they sell – which can add up considering the Queen of MySpace’s first video reached the #1 position on iTunes.

Next up, the hoooka will exclusively provide fans with a VIP pass to Tila Tequila’s private party in Miami to be held during the upcoming Winter Music Conference. Tila will preside over a decadent pool party at a fabulously tucked-away Miami mansion with celebrities, fellow revelers, and friends. Interviews and event coverage can only be viewed online via the hoooka beginning March 26th.

“I’m independent and in charge of my own destiny,” says Tila. “My fans got me here, not a million dollar marketing campaign. Hooking up with the hoooka means everyone can hear and share my music, plus be a part of my success. I don’t want a big record label telling me what to do – and my fans want to hear things that are new, and fresh, and REAL.”  Tila Tequila, managed by Strategic Artist Management, is releasing “I Love U” exclusively through online and mobile outlets via her distribution deal with digital label, INgrooves.  “I Love U” was produced by Lil Jon.

Hoooka users instantly become their own mobile media store by customizing and posting their hoooka anywhere online – from blogs and social networking pages to personal Web sites.

“Music fans want to determine their own listening landscape and they love Tila Tequila, who created her own celebrity status through social networking and creative self promotion,” says Justin Goldberg, founder and CEO of indie911, which powers the hoooka. “indie911 champions independent artists from all genres, so the content we make available to fans wanting to customize their own hoooka is really a reflection of all that is unique, and trendsetting about independent music.”

In just two years time, Tila Tequila has possibly become THE symbol of the cult of personality that has developed in the digital age. The 25-year old striking, sexy siren has been on the cover and/or featured in numerous publications such as Time, Maxim, Rolling Stone and the New York Times.

Additionally, she was recently named one of the “50 Most Important People on the Web” by PC World. Now she’s launching her own music career independently – having turned down two record deals in favor of retaining absolute control of her music and image.

To view or get your own free Tila Tequila hoooka, visit indie911.com/tila

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