Tila Tequila does things her way

How do you launch an innovative recording career in 2007? If you’re Tila Tequila, you turn down two record deals and do it the way you always have…your way.

Tila has recorded music, chosen a single, shot a video, and is releasing everything without the help of a label.

This month, music fans across the country and around the world will get to hear the fruit of her labors, “I Love U.”  “I Love U” – produced by multi-platinum crunkmaster Lil Jon– marks the first traditional single (she previously posted earlier tracks on the web) from the queen of massive social networking on the Internet.  The music is a mix of hip-hop style, dance-club energy, and anthemic pop hooks. Tila’s music is unabashedly fiery, upbeat and, most importantly, fun.

The phenomenon of Tila Tequila is a story of being an icon of the cultural zeitgeist where the lines of pop culture, personal technology and raw talent intertwine to yield a feisty, magnetic pop music star on the verge.  Through collaborations with a group of tactical partners from the digital world – including iTunes, INgrooves and Big Brother producer Endemol – Tila hopes to once again change the rules.
Additionally, a special scorching-hot video for “I Love U” debuted on Valentine’s Day.  Released solely via mobile technology on February 14, this marks the first video created specifically for the cellular platform.  Shot in Amsterdam with acclaimed international photographer Carli Hermès, the sultry clip is available at www.tilahotspot/mobile or on your phone at www.misstila.mobi.  

The preview for “I Love U” debuted on YouTube, making it the #1 most- watched clip of the day and week.  Since its premiere, the clip for “I Love You” has been viewed nearly three-quarters of a million times.

“I Love U” is now available on iTunes for an exclusive pre-release.  For a limited time, iTunes will offer the song and the music video together for just 99 cents.  The track is set to be serviced to clubs/DJs and made available to radio at this time, and on March 13 will be released across all other digital platforms.

In just two years time, Tila Tequila has possibly become THE symbol of the cult of personality that has developed in the digital age.  The 25-year old striking, sexy siren has been on the cover and/or featured in numerous magazines – such as Time, Maxim, and Rolling Stone’s “Hot Issue” – for being the most “friended” person on the social networking site MySpace.com.  Cast as a phenomenal “insta-star” of sorts, she’s already racked up nearly 2 million dedicated fans, and as the popular men’s magazine Stuff said, is now the “Web’s hottest Mama.”

Tila’s popularity in today’s web world is unparalleled and has helped earn the sultry Vietnamese ex-model truly massive recognition. But the charisma fans see in the glint of her eye, the curve of her hip and the mischief on her lips will soon be echoed as she begins to unleash her music and fulfill a dream she’s always harbored and, more importantly, is equipped to accomplish.

“People don’t know what to expect from me and, in a way, I like that,” Tila says of her music career. “They’re shocked when they hear my music.  I grew up listening to all types of music and have made a lot of musician friends from all sorts of genres along the way who encouraged me and helped me mold everything I like into my own sound.”

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