Tila Tequila compares herself to Natasha Richardson over head injury

Internet personality and reality TV star Tila Tequila, 28, fell backwards off a chair and was rushed to the hospital Friday night.

Every gory detail was relived on her social media addiction: Twitter.

Tequila currently claims to be pregnant.

Tequila wrote on Twitter, “I slammed my head into the wall and heard the back of my skull crack. There’s a dent in it now!”

Then she compares her injury to the late actress Natasha Richardson, who died last year from a brain hemorrhage after falling while skiing.

Page grab courtesy of DListed.com, via ONTD.com

Page grab courtesy of DListed.com, via ONTD.com

“I should call the ambulance just in case? like that one actress that died cuz she hit her head & thought she was ok but died later..pray 4 me,” she wrote.

A few minutes later: “Ambulance on the way to my house. I could have a brain concussion and die in a few hours.”

Then Tila’s agent piped in on her Twitter page: “Tila suffered a concussion and wouldn’t [sic] be able to tweet any further updates. Tila was released from the hospital and returned home last night.”

Celebrity blogger Michael K of DListed.com has a video of Tequila falling backwards off her chair.

Tequila famously Tweeted non-stop upon news of her “fiancee” Casey Johnson’s death.  She has since taken down her Twitter account, and put back up a protected, invitation only Twitter account.

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