Tiger Woods jeered by drunks at U.S. Open

Like a scene out of “Happy Gilmore,” some U.S. Open fans heckled Tiger Woods and others during the golf tournament.

Drunken fans were dotted all over the holes of the course, tossing out remarks to golfers, “This Bud’s for you!” and “you suck” to various players while other attending spectators booed the hooligans.

Newsday and ESPN are reporting that some at the U.S. Open called out insults and comments to Tiger Woods and other golfers.  The combination of too much beer and rain created a bit of a vocal raucous crowd that followed Woods and other golfers, subjecting them to drunken heckling as the Bethpage Black event came to a close.

Newsday reports that at 6:42 p.m., “dozens of drunken spectators at Hole 10 taunted Woods as he prepared to start his third round in the rain.”

“We’re on Long Island, baby, where men are men!” one fan yelled. “Put that umbrella down!”

The crowd was mixed, divided into drunks and sober fans who allegedly tried to rein in the troublemakers.

Woods reportedly ignored the hecklers, despite continued jabs directed at him:  “Suck it up, you’ve got your own video game!” someone shouted at Woods, reported Newsday.

It wasn’t just Woods who was getting harassed, golfer Fred Funk reportedly was greeted at the 10th hole by drunkards shouting his last name as the F-word obscenity.

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.