Three 6 Mafia plan to work with Paris Hilton

Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia are reportedly working with Paris Hilton on the heiress’s ongoing album project.

The Memphis rap group ran into Hilton at a party where she asked if the group would help her produce and record tracks for her album.

“She said she liked our song ‘Stay Fly,’” Jordan “Juicy J” Houston told Tennessee’s Commercial Appeal newspaper on Tuesday.

Houston then revealed that Three 6 Mafia was in a Los Angeles recording studio with the ‘Simple Life’ star earlier this week.

“We let her listen to a dance track and she really liked it and plans to record it,” he said. “From there, we’ll see, but it will be a blast working with Paris Hilton. I mean, she is Paris Hilton.”

No word yet on a release date for Hilton’s long awaited album. Hilton has been trying to start up her fledgling singing career for a while now and even recorded a single entitled “Screwed,” which leaked onto the Internet during a disagreement with actress/singer Haylie Duff (Hilary’s older sister) over rights to the song.

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